The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind

If you want to play on our server, you need two things:

1) A copy of the game. You can get it either on or on Steam

2) And follow this guide

3) When you set up everything, start OpenMW Launcher from TES3MP and look for the server:
BoX Vanilla Server [Dedicated|24/7|EU] | or if you can't find it you can add it by address:


1) Be friendly, don't insult others etc.

2) Don't cheat, hack, abuse

3) Don't be greedy. The cells reset each hour so you will get your fair share.


Server update

The server was updated to 0.6.2-hotfix. To play again, please download it here:

2018-01-18 / 13:22 / GMT+1